170 Princes’ Blvd,
Toronto, ON
M6K 3C3
Fax: 416-341-2714
General Manager
Vice President Business Operations Chris Shewfelt
Assistant General Manager Vince Magri
Director of Football Operations, National Scout Alex Russell
Director, Video Jon Magri
Director, Finance Linda Davis
Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator Ryan Dinwiddie
Offensive Line Coach Kris Sweet
Quarterbacks Coach Mike Miller
Receivers Coach & Pass Game Coordinator Pete Costanza
Running Backs Coach & Quality Control Edwin Harrison
Defensive Coordinator & Defensive Line Coach Corey Mace
Linebackers Coach Kevin Eiben
Secondary Coach William Fields
Defensive Backs Coach Joshua Bell
Special Teams Coordinator Mickey Donovan
Equipment Manager
Danny Webb
Assistant Equipment Manager
David Sillberg
Equipment Assistant
Tom Callegari
Manager, Football Media
Chris Balenovich
Manager, Communications
Mike Hogan
Head Athletic Therapist Joshua Shewell
Assistant Athletic Therapist Mark Belmore
Team Athletic Therapist Valerie Chuong
Team Athletic Therapist Amanda Deluca
Director Team Performance & Player Relations Matt Black
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Usama Mujtaba
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Dana Beattie
Team Head Doctor, Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Rick Zarnett
Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Michael Clarfield
Team Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Tim Deakon
Emergency Care Physician Dr. Mitch Whyne
Team Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Oren Zarnett
Performance Psychologist Dr. Dana Sinclair
Team Chiropractor Dr. Dwight Chapin
Team Chiropractor Dr. Bryon Weinberg
Team Massage Therapist Rolland Heider
Team Massage Therapist Bram van Bommel
Team Dentist
Dr. Charles Goldberg
Team Optometrist
Team Chaplain Herbie Kuhn