Program Overview

The Toronto Argonauts’ Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program, presented by Tim Hortons, is an all encompassing opportunity for a school population to focus on the impact they can have on bullying and mental health in their environment. The program sees Toronto Argonauts players, cheerleaders, program staff and the Canadian Safe School Network working together to make schools safe. Since its inception in 2001, the program has visited over 500,000 students ages 8-18 empowering them to make a difference with the issue of bullying through the positive role of bystanders and speaking up when something doesn’t feel right.

The Huddle Up Bullying Prevention program is comprised of three core components:

  • Committee Meeting-(Sept-January) Students from various facets of bullying are empowered by the Argonauts to team up with the program to lead a message before, during and after the assembly
  • Program Assembly – (January-April) The assembly consisting of testimony from a player, cheerleader and program spokesperson combined with the committees messages. (For larger school populations an Additional Assembly can be discussed)
  • Student Committee Summit-(May) Student committees culminate at a specific location to engage in activities and talk about their school efforts to address this global issue.

Optional Add-On Components:

  • Bullying Information Session – Parents, teachers and other community members hear from a program spokesperson regarding bullying and how the Huddle Up program addresses the issue.
  • Female Bullying Presentation – Female audiences of school partners are brought together to hear from an Argonaut’s Cheerleader and program spokesperson for a discussion on the various bullying sometimes more specific to females.


WATCH: Our Huddle Up 2018 Program brings players and students together





“The Huddle Up Committee gave me the opportunity and courage to talk to other people that I grew to trust about my experience in bullying. Knowing that I had those friends and an amazing teacher leading it, gave me the courage to wake up every day and go to school. If it weren’t for you bringing Huddle Up to my school, I don’t know where I’d be today.”

– Andrea, High School Student

“I thought it important to share with you a huge positive that has come out of my son’s experience participating in the Huddle Up Program.

A situation occurred last week at one of his hockey games.  In the dressing room a few of his teammates were bullying another member of their team. He stood up to them and defused the situation. I have received an email from the boy’s parents relaying what happened and expressing their thanks to him for standing up for their son. They said that it meant a lot to their son that my son did that for him!

It was a proud moment indeed.

A huge thanks to you and the Huddle Up program for empowering him to do the right thing!”

Nadine-Parent from a Toronto School