BMO Field Notes

This shows the locations of most important services and areas within the stadium. When in doubt, ask any MLSE employee in a uniform!

– Ground Floor: Gate 1 (next to Fan Services); Section 107 (east side); Section 111 (south east)
– 2nd Floor: Section 107 & Section 111 (east); Section 122 & Section 124 (west)
– East side, top floor: Section 207

Box Office/Will Call:
Gate 1 (north east)

Section 118 (south west); Section 127 (north west) – only to second level
Section 106 (east) – limited ; Section 124 (west – Tunnel Club/Club)

Fan Services:
Gate 1 (north); Section 113 (south, gate 3/3B)
Section 207 (east, top level)

Fan servicesfor checking in strollers, motorcycle/bike helmets and anything else fans can’t bring to seats; miscellaneous questions and concerns

Field Seat Access:
105A and 110A (north and south of east side, ground floor)

First Aid:
Section 111 (south east)
Section 205 (east side, top floor)

Special Concessions:
Taste of Italy (Section 104, north east) – premium pizza, etc.
Footy’s Footlongs (Section 106, Section 207, east) – misc. premium footlong sausages
Taco FC – Section 125 – premium tacos
Panini Stand – Section 108 (2nd floor) – premium steak, pork sandwiches
Frites – Section 110 (2nd floor) – premium poutine

VIP Areas & Suites:
WEST: Suites #2-#28 (all on 2nd floor)
EAST: LOGE Box, Suites 32-44, Partner Lounge (all on 3rd floor)
Club Seats Lounge – underneath Section 123
BMO Club (Field Seats Lounge) – access across from  Section 107

VIP Gates:
Gate 2 = east side (BMO Club; next to 107 on ground floor)
Gate 5 = west side (tunnel club, club seating club)

Washrooms (FAMILY):
– Ground Floor – Section 109 (south east); Section 116 (south west)
– 2nd Floor – Section 109 (east); Section 124 (west)
– Top Floor, east side – Section 206; Section 210

West side concourse
East & South sides concourse

Water Fountains:
Section 105 (north east); Section 111 (south east); Section 114 (south)

NOTE: fans cannot bring any outside fluids (even water), but CAN bring empty water bottles into the stadium.

BMO Field Game Day Guest Assist Number: 647-933-5354
Fans can text their name and their location within the stadium and get immediate help. Security/safety issues, cleaning/maintenance issues, or general questions

BMO Field NON-GAME DAY Fan Assist Number: 416-815-5982