Mike Hogan

Argonauts.ca Writer

Hogan: Oakman ready for the Eastern Final

December 2, 2021 | Mike Hogan
“It’s been pretty much double teams all over the league, for me anyway.” Those words roll effortlessly off the tongue of Shawn Oakman without even a hint of frustration; it’s just a way of life ...

Hogan: Rogers returns at the perfect time

November 27, 2021 | Mike Hogan
Every once in a while, a team gets a positive jolt of electricity, an infusion of positive energy that can help that group take its play to the next level. The Toronto Argonauts will get that ...

Hogan: Argos look to remain rust free

November 24, 2021 | Mike Hogan
It’s an age-old question in sports; will a team on a break benefit from the rest or be hurt by the potential rust caused by an extended layoff? For the Toronto Argonauts, Head Coach Ryan ...

Hogan: Sato moving from Big Blue to Double Blue

November 16, 2021 | Mike Hogan
The daily football life of Toronto Argonauts kicker Toshiki Sato has at times been a lonely one. If you were to attend a practice, Sato, known as Toshi to his teammates, could be seen tucked out ...

Hogan: Ouellette takes advantage of opportunity

November 9, 2021 | Mike Hogan
Next man up. Those three words are something football coaches hate to say, and starters hate to hear. When they’re spoken it means that something bad has happened; a player is underperforming, ...

Hogan: Brescacin back for the Boatmen

November 6, 2021 | Mike Hogan
It all seemed normal. The Toronto Argonauts were in Winnipeg back in Week Two, trailing the Blue Bombers by two scores with a minute-and-a-half left in the fourth quarter. Quarterback Nick ...

Hogan: Worthy Proving His Worth

November 4, 2021 | Mike Hogan
Statistics are a funny thing. A good accountant or P.R. flack can twist numbers into pretzels to validate a point they’re trying to make. Numbers can also leave you puzzled from time to time. A ...

Hogan: For M B-T the journey continues

October 29, 2021 | Mike Hogan
His journey across North American would make Jack Kerouac proud. Five leagues and 10 cities, with multiple stops in four of those towns. For the first time in his circuitous football odyssey ...

Hogan: Gittens’ Hard Work and Prep Paying Off

October 27, 2021 | Mike Hogan
He sat in in front of the logoed backdrop, ready to take questions from the media. It could have been a night of celebration for Argo receiver Kurleigh Gittens Jr.; after all, he just had the ...

Hogan: Another game for first place

October 19, 2021 | Mike Hogan
The kick sailed high and long and true; the rotation of the ball slowed just a bit to improve distance. When placekicker Boris Bede’s last-second field goal split the uprights on the final play ...