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Date  Transaction
09/28/18 Signed INT WR Darren Carrington II (Utah)
10/09/18 Added INT LB Anthony Winbush to the practice roster (Ball State)
09/28/18 Added INT K/P Drew Brown to the practice roster (Nebraska)
09/24/18 Added NAT K/P Felix Menard-Briere to the practice roster (Montreal)
09/24/18 Added INT QB Greg McGhee to the practice squad (Howard)
09/10/18 Traded INT RB/RET Matrese Jackson and a conditional 2020 sixth-round pick to Edmonton for a 2019 third round pick.
09/06/18 Signed INT LB Jeff Knox Jr. (California (PA))
08/31/18 Added INT DE Rakim Cox to the practice roster (Villanova)
08/26/18 Signed INT WR Duron Carter (Florida Atlantic)
08/25/18 Released INT WR Bralon Addison (Oregon)
08/21/18 Added INT DB Will Likely to the practice roster (Maryland)
08/20/18 Traded NAT WR Brian Jones to SSK in exchange for a 7th Round pick in 2019
08/02/18 Released INT OL Brandon Washington (Miami)
07/30/18 Acquired NAT OL Ryan Bomben and a 5th Round Pick in 2020 from MTL in exchange for INT DB TJ Heath and a 3rd Round pick in 2020
07/29/18 Added NAT K Zackary Medeiros (Western)
07/24/18 Traded INT DL Shawn Lemon to BC in exchange for a player to be named later
07/24/18 Released INT WR Cole Watson (Newberry)
07/16/18 Added INT DB Marus Roberson Jr. to the practice roster (Florida)
07/16/18 Added INT WR Cole Watson to the practice roster (Newberry)
07/16/18 Signed INT RB Dexter McCluster (Ole Miss)
07/03/18 Acquired INT DL Eric Striker from Saskatchewan in exchange for a player on our negotiation list
07/02/18 Released INT LB Khalil Bass (Portland State)
07/02/18 Released INT WR Brian Tyms (Florida A&M)
06/30/18 Signed INT WR Myles White (Louisiana Tech) and added to the practice roster
06/11/18 Released NAT RB Greg Morris (New Mexico Military)
06/10/18 Acquired INT DB Abdul Kanneh from Hamilton in exchange for an 8th round draft pick in the 2019 CFL Draft
06/09/18 Added INT DB Anthony Covington (UNC-Charlotte) to the practice roster
06/09/18 Added NAT DE Evan Foster (Manitoba) to the practice roster
06/09/18 Added INT WR Mario Alford (West Virginia) to the practice roster
06/09/18 Added NAT DL John Biewald (Western) to the practice roster
06/09/18 Added INT DB Jonathan Dowling (Western Kentucky) to the practice roster
06/09/18 Added INT OL Isiah Cage (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) to the practice roster
06/09/18 Added NAT LB Sean Harrington (Michigan State) to the practice roster
06/09/18 Added INT DB Trumaine Washington (Louisville) to the practice roster
06/09/18 Added INT WR Rodney Smith (Florida State) to the practice roster
06/09/18 Added INT RB Brandon Burks (Troy) to the practice roster
06/09/18 Released INT WR Cole Watson (Newberry)
06/09/18 Released NAT LB Mathieu Loiselle (Wagner)
06/09/18 Released INT WR Bralon Addison (Oregon)
06/09/18 Released INT DE Xzavier Dickson (Alabama)
06/09/18 Released NAT DL/OL Evan Gill  (Manitoba)
06/09/18 Released NAT QB Noah Picton (Regina)
06/09/18 Released INT OT Chase Farris (Ohio State)
06/09/18 Released INT OL Isame Faciane  (Florida International)
06/09/18 Released INT OL Joseph ‘DJ’ Park (South Carolina)
06/09/18 Released INT DB Vondel Bell  (Cal PA)
06/09/18 Released INT WR Jonathan Epps  (Abilene Christian)
06/09/18 Released INT DB Ryan Reid (Baylor)
06/09/18 Released NAT LS Kain Anzovino  (Kent State)
06/09/18 Released DT NAT Matt Carson (Calgary)
06/09/18 Released INT WR Christopher Harper (California)
06/09/18 Released INT RB Stanley ‘Boom’ Williams JR. (Kentucky)
06/09/18 Released INT DB Maurice Carnell (Northern Alabama)
06/09/18 Released INT DE Sadat Sulleyman (Portland Stat)
06/09/18 Released INT LB Jeff Luc (Cincinnati)
06/03/18 Signed INT DB Vondel Bell (California University of Pennsylvania)
06/03/18 Signed INT WR Mario Alford (West Virginia)
06/03/18 Released INT WR Chandler Worthy (Troy)
06/03/18 Released INT RB Khiry Robinson (West Texas A&M)
05/29/18 Released INT DE Xzavier Dickson (Alabama)
05/29/18 Signed NAT DL Cam Walker (Guelph)
05/25/18 Released INT WR Tobias Palmer (NC State)
05/25/18 Signed INT RB Khiry Robinson (West Texas A&M)
05/21/18 Released NAT OL Corey Watman (Eastern Michigan)
05/21/18 Signed INT DB Trumaine Washington (Louisville)
05/21/18 Signed INT OL Isiah Cage (Wisconsin-Eau Claire)
05/21/18 Signed INT OL Chase Farris (Ohio State)
05/19/18 Signed NAT LS Kain Anzovino (Kent State)
05/19/18 Signed NAT LB Mathieu Loiselle (Wagner College)
05/19/18 Signed INT LB Sean Harrington (Michigan State)
05/19/18 Signed NAT FB Simon Gingras-Gagnon (Laval)
05/19/18 Signed NAT LB Nelkas Kwemo (Queens)
05/19/18 Signed INT DB Anthony Covington (UNC Charlotte)
05/19/18 Signed INT DE Frank Beltre (Townson)
05/16/18 Signed INT OL DJ Park (South Carolina)
05/16/18 Signed NAT OL Evan Gill (Manitoba)
05/16/18 Signed NAT DL Hassan Barry (McMaster)
05/15/18 Released INT QB Jeff Mathews (Cornell)
05/14/18 Released INT LB Shakiel Randolph (SMU)
05/14/18 Signed NAT QB Noah Picton (Regina)
05/01/18 Released INT DB Jhavon Williams (UConn)
05/01/18 Released INT WR Jordan Westerkamp (Nebraska)
05/01/18 Released INT WR Kendall Sanders (Arkansas State)
05/01/18 Released INT RB Ben Malena (Texas A&M)
05/01/18 Released INT DB Caleb Ham (Fordham)
05/01/18 Released INT WR Jeff Fuller (Texas A&M)
05/01/18 Released INT LB Durell Eskridge (Syracuse)
05/01/18 Released INT DL Alan-Michael Cash (NC State)
04/18/18 Signed INT LB Durell Eskridge (Syracuse)
04/18/18 Signed INT WR Bralon Addison (Oregon)
04/17/18 Signed INT DB Jhavon Williams (UConn)
04/17/18 Signed INT LB Xzavier Dickson (Alabama)
04/13/18 Signed INT LB Paul Magloire (Arizona)
04/13/18 Signed INT RB Stanley ‘Boom’ Williams (Kentucky)
04/12/18 Signed INT WR Christopher Harper (California)
04/12/18 Signed INT OL Isame Faciane (FIU)
04/12/18 Signed INT DB Jonathan Dowling (Western Kentucky)
04/03/18 Signed INT DB Ryan Reid (Baylor)
03/21/18 Signed INT WR Rodney Smith (Florida State)
03/03/18 Signed INT RB James Wilder Jr. (Florida State) to a contract extension through 2020
03/02/18 Signed INT WR Kendall Sanders (Arkansas State)
03/02/18 Signed INT WR Tobais Palmer (NC State)
02/20/18 Signed INT LB Taylor Reed (SMU)
02/20/18 Re-signed INT LB Bear Woods (Troy)
02/20/18 Signed NAT DE John Biewald (Western)
02/18/18 Re-signed INT WR Jeff Fuller (Texas A&M)
02/18/18 Re-signed INT LB Khalil Bass (Portland State)
02/17/18 Signed INT DB Ronnie Yell (San Jose State)
02/15/18 Signed NAT RB Greg Morris (New Mexico Military)
02/15/18 Re-signed NAT DL Matt Carson (Calgary)
02/14/18 Signed INT DB TJ Heath (Jacksonville State)
02/14/18 Signed INT K/P Swayze Waters (UAB)
02/13/18 Signed NAT DB Jermaine Gabriel (Calgary Colts) to a one-year contract extension
02/13/18 Signed INT DB Johnny Sears Jr. (Michigan) to a one-year contract extension
02/12/18 Signed INT DB Cassius Vaughn (Mississippi) to a two-year contract extension
02/12/18 Signed NAT DB Matt Black (Saginaw Valley State) to a two-year contract extension
02/12/18 Signed INT LB Shakiel Randolph (Southern Methodist)
02/12/18 Signed INT WR Jordan Westerkamp (Nebraska)
02/06/18 Re-signed INT WR Chandler Worthy (Troy)
02/06/18 Signed INT DL Ken Bishop (Northern Illinois) to a one-year contract extension
02/05/18 Signed INT WR S.J. Green (South Florida) to a tw0-year contract extension
02/02/18 Signed INT QB Ricky Ray (Sacramento State) to a one-year contract extension
01/16/18 Signed INT RB Ben Malena (Texas A&M) to a one-year contract
01/16/18 Signed INT DB Caleb Ham (Fordham) to a three-year contract
01/15/18 Signed INT WR Armanti Edwards (App State) to a two-year contract extension
01/10/18 Signed NAT OL D.J. Sackey (Toronto) to a one-year contract extension
01/10/18 Signed NAT WR Llevi Noel (Windsor AKO) to a one-year contract extension
01/09/18 Signed NAT DL Cleyon Laing (Iowa State) to a two-year contract
01/05/18 Signed INT QB James Franklin (Missouri) to a two-year contract extension