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10/21/17 Released from practice roster INT RB Trey Williams (Texas A&M)
10/10/17 Released INT DB Khalid Wooten (Nevada)
10/10/17 Released INT WR Jonathan Epps (Abilene Christian)
10/10/17 Added to practice roster INT RB Trey Williams (Texas A&M)
10/05/17 Added to practice roster NAT LB Curtis Newton (Guelph)
10/03/17 Released INT QB Skyler Howard (West Virginia)
10/03/17 Released INT QB Matt Davis (SMU)
10/03/17 Added to practice roster INT QB Keith Wenning (Ball State)
10/03/17 Added to practice roster INT LB Tau Lotulelei (UNLV)
10/03/17 Added to practice roster INT LB Khalil Bass (Portland State)
09/20/17 Added to practice roster INT DL Sadat Sulleyman (Portland State)
09/20/17 Added to practice roster INT RB Romar Morris (North Carolina)
09/20/17 Added to practice roster INT DL Jeff Luc (Cincinnati)
09/20/17 Added to practice roster INT QB Skyler Howard (West Virginia)
09/20/17 Added to practice roster INT WR Jonathan Epps (Abilene Christian)
09/20/17 Added to practice roster INT QB Matt Davis (SMU)
09/12/17 Signed INT LB Akeem Jordan (James Madison)
09/10/17 Added to practice roster NAT DB Anthony Coady (Montreal)
09/10/17 Added to practice roster INT DB Mitchell White (Michigan State)
08/22/17 Added to practice roster INT DB Khalid Wooten (Nevada)
08/21/17 Released INT DB Marcus Alford (Northern Arizona)
08/21/17 Released NAT FB James Tuck (York)
08/15/17 Released INT WR Khalil Paden (Northern Arizona)
08/07/17 Released NAT WR Kyle Graves (Acadia)
08/07/17 Signed NAT DB Matt Black (Saginaw Valley State)
08/07/17 Added to practice roster NAT DL Linden Gaydosh (Calgary)
08/06/17 Added to practice roster NAT WR Alex Charette (Guelph)
08/01/17 Released INT WR Devon Wylie (Fresno State)
08/01/17 Released NAT DB Matt Black (Saginaw Valley State)
07/20/17 Signed INT WR Kendall Sanders (Arkansas State)
07/18/17 Signed INT DB Alden Darby (Arizona State)
07/18/17 Released INT WR Jamel Johnson (Alabama State)
07/11/17 Released NAT LB Curtis Newton (Guelph)
07/11/17 Released INT LB Marshall McFadden (South Carolina St.)
07/04/17 Added to practice roster INT DB Qudarius Ford (South Alabama)
07/04/17 Released INT DB Winston Rose (New Mexico State)
06/27/17 Added to practice roster INT DB Marcus Alford (Northern Arizona)
06/17/17 Suspended NAT DL Matt Carson (Calgary)
06/17/17 Released INT QB Drew Willy (Buffalo)
06/17/17 Released INT WR Cole Watson (Newberry)
06/17/17 Released INT DB Larry Scott (Oregon State)
06/17/17 Released INT LB Terrell Richardson (East Carolina)
06/17/17 Released INT DB Davonte Neal (Arizona)
06/17/17 Released INT WR Joe Morgan (Walsh)
06/17/17 Released INT LB Kimario McFadden (South Carolina State)
06/17/17 Released INT OL Ryan Mack (Memphis)
06/17/17 Released INT DB Tramain Jacobs (Texas A&M)
06/17/17 Released NAT LS Joseph Iatzko (Windsor)
06/17/17 Released INT DB Qudarius Ford (Alabama State)
06/17/17 Released INT WR Ed Eagan (Northwestern State)
06/17/17 Released INT DL Theiren Cockran (Minnesota)
06/17/17 Released INT DB Cariel Brooks (Adams State)
06/17/17 Released INT DB Aaron Berry (Pittsburgh)
06/17/17 Released INT DB Marcus Alford (Northern Arizona)
06/17/17 Released INT WR Ralph Abernathy IV (Tennessee)
06/14/17 Signed NAT LS Joseph Iatzko (Windsor)
06/14/17 Released NAT WR Ryan Nieuwesteeg (Guelph)
06/13/17 Signed INT DL Theiren Cockran (Minnesota)
06/13/17 Signed INT WR Ralph Abernathy IV (Tennessee)
06/12/17 Released INT OL Davonte Wallace (New Mexico St.)
06/12/17 Signed NAT K/P Ronnie Pfeffer (Wilfrid Laurier)
06/10/17 Signed INT WR Ed Eagan (Northwestern State)
06/10/17 Signed INT WR Jamel Johnson (Alabama State)
06/10/17 Released INT RB Ben Malena (Texas A&M)
06/10/17 Released INT WR Justin Brown (Oklahoma)
06/07/17 Retired INT OL Jay Guillermo (Clemson)
06/07/17 Signed INT LB Bear Woods (Troy)
06/03/17 Released INT WR Stephen Hill (Georgia Tech)
06/03/17 Signed INT OL William Campbell (Michigan)
06/01/17 Signed INT LB Kimario McFadden (South Carolina State)
05/31/17 Retired INT LB Winston Venable (Boise State)
05/31/17 Retired NAT OL Samuel Narkaj (Concordia)
05/31/17 Signed INT DB Larry Scott (Oregon State)
05/29/17 Added INT LB Durell Eskridge (Syracuse) to SUSP List
05/29/17 Signed INT LB Terrell Richardson (East Carolina)
05/28/17 Signed INT LB Marcus Ball (Memphis)
05/28/17 Released INT LB Quayshawn Nealy (Georgia Tech)
05/27/17 Traded NAT OL Peter Dyakowski (LSU) to SSK
05/27/17 Acquired INT WR Armanti Edwards (Appalachian St.) in trade with SSK
05/27/17 Released INT DB Roderick Sweeting (Georgia Tech)
05/27/17 Released INT WR Chuck Jacobs (Utah State)
05/27/17 Signed INT OL Jay Guillermo (Clemson)
05/25/17 Signed NAT OL Samuel Narkaj (Concordia)
05/25/17 Released INT OL Anthony Morris (Memphis)
05/24/17 Signed INT DL Dylan Wynn (Oregon State)
05/24/17 Signed NAT DL Matthew Carson (Calgary)
05/24/17 Signed NAT LB Justin Herdman (Simon Fraser)
05/24/17 Signed NAT LB Nakas Onyeka (Laurier)
05/24/17 Signed NAT DB Robert Woodson (Calgary)
05/24/17 Signed NAT DE Evan Foster (Manitoba)
05/24/17 Signed NAT OL Mason Woods (Idaho)
05/23/17 Retired INT WR Andre Debose (Florida)
05/23/17 Signed INT DL Justin Tuggle (Kansas State)
05/23/17 Signed INT QB Dakota Prukop (Oregon)
05/23/17 Signed INT QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson (Sacramento State)
05/17/17 Signed INT DB Cassius Vaughn (Mississippi)
05/17/17 Signed NAT WR Jimmy Ralph (Alberta)
05/17/17 Signed INT DB Davonte Neal (Arizona)
05/12/17 Released INT DB Joe Rankin (Morgan State)
05/02/17 Released INT DB Ri’shard Anderson (Syracuse)
05/02/17 Signed INT RB/KR Martese Jackson (FAU)
05/01/17 Retired NAT OL Jeff Perrett (Tulsa)
05/01/17 Released INT DB Jabriel Washington (Alabama)
05/01/17 Released INT WR Jameon Lewis (Mississippi State)
05/01/17 Released INT K/P Ryan Hawkins (Northern Arizona)
05/01/17 Released INT WR RJ Harris (New Hampshire)
05/01/17 Released INT WR Dobson Collins (Gardner-Webb)
05/01/17 Released INT DB Santavious Bryant (Shorter)
05/01/17 Released INT LB Trevontii Barber (Middle Tennessee)
04/28/17 Signed NAT DL Cleyon Laing (Iowa State)
04/25/17 Signed INT WR Cole Watson (Newberry College)
04/25/17 Signed INT DB Qudarius Ford (South Alabama)
04/25/17 Signed INT LB Durell Eskridge (Syracuse)
04/25/17 Signed INT WR Dobson Collins (Gardner-Webb)
04/25/17 Signed INT DB Santavious Bryant (Shorter)
04/21/17 Signed INT DB Jabriel Washington (Alabama)
04/21/17 Signed INT WR Stephen Hill (Georgia Tech)
04/21/17 Signed NAT WR Kyle Graves (Acadia)
04/21/17 Signed NAT OL Jeff Perrett (Tulsa)
04/20/17 Acquired INT WR SJ Green (South Florida) in trade with MTL
04/13/17 Released INT LB Thomas Gordon (Michigan)
04/03/17 Released INT QB Logan Kilgore (MTSU)
04/03/17 Signed INT RB Cam McDaniel (Notre Dame)
04/03/17 Signed INT DB Brandon Harris (Miami)
04/03/17 Signed INT WR Justin Brown (Oklahoma)
03/31/17 Released NAT DE Ricky Foley (York)
03/23/17 Signed INT OL Ryan Mack (Memphis)
03/23/17 Signed INT DL Alan-Michael Cash (NC State)
03/14/17 Signed INT RB James Wilder Jr. (Florida State)
03/14/17 Signed INT DB Tramain Jacobs (Texas A&M)
03/14/17 Signed INT DB Cariel Brooks (Adams State)
03/13/17 Signed NAT OL J’Micheal Deane (Michigan State)
03/09/17 Signed NAT C Sean McEwen (Calgary) to a two-year contract extension
03/03/17 Signed INT DB Rico Murray (Kent State)
03/02/17 Signed INT OL Anthony Morris (Tennessee State)
03/02/17 Signed INT RB Kendall Hunter (Oklahoma State)
02/27/17 Signed INT DB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (Indiana PA)
02/21/17 Signed INT WR Khalil Paden (Northern Arizona)
02/18/17 Signed INT DB Johnny Sears Jr. (Eastern Michigan)
02/17/17 Signed NAT DB Matt Black (Saginaw Valley State)
02/17/17 Signed NAT DB Matt Webster (Queen’s)
02/16/17 Signed INT WR Jeff Fuller (Texas A&M)
02/16/17 Signed NAT OL Peter Dyakowski (LSU)
02/16/17 Signed NAT DE James Tuck (York)
02/15/17 Signed NAT DL Jeff Finley (Guelph)
02/15/17 Signed INT LB Winston Venable (Boise State)
02/14/17 Signed INT QB Jeff Mathews (Cornell)
02/09/17 Signed NAT WR Ryan Nieuwesteeg (Guelph)
02/09/17 Signed NAT DB Jonathan Ngeleka (McMaster)
02/02/17 Signed INT WR Chandler Worthy (Troy)
02/02/17 Signed INT LB Quayshawn Nealy (Georgia Tech)
02/02/17 Signed INT WR Andre Debose (Florida)
02/01/17 Signed INT WR Chuck Jacobs (Utah State)
02/01/17 Signed INT WR RJ Harris (New Hampshire)
02/01/17 Signed INT LB Victor Butler (Oregon State)
01/31/17 Signed NAT OL Chris Van Zeyl (McMaster) to a three-year contract extension
01/13/17 Signed NAT OL Tyler Holmes (Tulsa) to a two-year contract extension
01/12/17 Signed NAT SB Anthony Coombs (Manitoba) to a two-year contract extension
01/11/17 Signed NAT K/P Lirim Hajrullahu (Western) to a one-year contract extension
01/09/17 Released NAT OL Josh Bourke (Grand Valley State)