The Argos tailgating experience will be back this season to provide fans with an opportunity to tailgate at their car in a licensed area where they will be able to purchase ice cold beer for $4.00, bring their own BBQ to prepare their own food, play games and socialize with other fans hours before kickoff.

Tailgate parking spots will need to be pre-purchased. Click HERE to purchase your Eastern Final Playoff Parking Pass.

A limited number of parking spots will be retained for purchase by the general public on a game by game basis.

Argos Tailgate 101

  • Parking spots in a licensed area at Ontario Place Lot #2
  • Beer will be sold in the licensed area for $4.00 each
  • Other beverages, like coolers, will also be made available
  • Fans are not permitted to bring their own alcohol due to provincial liquor regulations
  • Propane and charcoal BBQs will be permitted. Propane tanks can be no larger than 20 lbs
  • Parking spots will be sold with a $5.00 premium on normal event parking rates – $30 at Ontario Place  and will need to be purchased in advance of each game.

Questions? We’re here to help! Give us a call!

Phone: 416-341-ARGO (2746)
Email: clientservices@argonauts.ca




Is the event open to walk-in traffic?

  • Guests of each tailgater will be permitted on a first come first serve basis. Each lot has a capacity that we can’t legally go over. We will limit the amount of people associated with each car to a maximum of 10.


What if my friends aren’t all in my car?

  • Cars will be parked first come first served, if you wish to be in the spot next to your friend, you need to arrive at the same time.


Is this open to all ages?

  • Yes.


Can I leave my car overnight?

  • Yes – you may leave your car until 12 noon (Ontario Place).


Can I get into the other lots?

  • You only have access to the lot for which you have a pass.


Does everyone in my car need a game ticket?

  • Yes, everyone attending the tailgate needs a game ticket


Can we accommodate buses into the tailgate?  What’s the cost?  Is there a special entrance?

  • We will be allowing buses to purchase passes. Each bus will need to purchase 5 passes. There will be no special entrance to the lots.


Can I get in if I lost my pass?

  • You must have proof of your tailgate pass to gain entry to your lot.


Is there a lost and found?

  • Any lost and found items will be kept at the 10×10’ production tent on site until the end of the event. Lost and found items will not be available past that point.


Where can I buy merchandise?

  • Merchandise can be purchases inside the stadium and at The Shipyard.


Where can I buy game tickets?


Will someone be here to watch my car/stuff?

  • Security will be on site during tailgate, but they (and Argos event staff) are not responsible for the safety and security of your vehicle/belongings.


Can I bring an RV, camper van, or a trailer?

  • No; standard vehicles that fit in a single parking spot only.


Can I bring my dog?

  • For food/alcohol service standards, and the safety of the animal, pets are not permitted on site.


How many people can I have in my car?

  • However many legal seats are in the vehicle.


Why can’t I bring my own booze?

  • Provincial regulations forbid a public BYOB event.


How are you going to stop me?

  • Security will be searching vehicles before they enter the grounds. If you refuse a search, you will not be permitted onto the tailgate grounds.


What kind of checks will security be conducting?

  • Security will be searching your vehicle. They will be opening your trunk,


What happens to the contraband you find in my car?

  • Any items security is comfortable confiscating will be collected (and not returned; any items confiscated become property of the Argos). Beyond that, security reserves the right to refuse entry at their discretion.


Is there a cash machine nearby?

  • There will be an ATM in each lot. All sales within the tailgate will be CASH ONLY. Servers will not be accepting any bills larger than $50.


What if someone wrecks my car?

  • The Argos and associated event staff and suppliers are not liable for any theft/damage to your property. Park and tailgate at your own risk.


What if I want to leave earlier than that?

  • For the safety and enjoyment of other tailgaters, vehicles are not permitted to leave the lot until the end of the third quarter.


When will alcohol sales be stopped?

  • Alcohol sales will stop 45 minutes before kickoff.


Can I bring a tent?

  • Yes, but please have weights for each leg. We suggest 20 pounds per leg.