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Mobile ticketing is now available!

The Toronto Argonauts are committed to providing a seamless mobile experience that brings you closer to the game all at the palm of your hand. No need to print your tickets at home or worry about losing them in the mail—your tickets will now be with you everywhere you go through the Toronto Argonauts App. Mobile ticketing provides fans with the following benefits:
  • Quick and easy mobile entry into BMO Field
  • The ability to manage or transfer your tickets on the go
  • Reduced risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit, or forgotten tickets
  • Contribute to eco-friendly environment

Logging In


Download the "Toronto Argonauts" App from the App Store.


From the Home Screen, tap Tickets.


Tap Manage My Tickets.


Tap Sign In to Argonauts.

Note: for iOS users, you will be prompted by the Argos app to use “ticketmaster.com” credentials to sign in. Press “Continue” to do so.


Enter your email and password.

Note: If you forgot your password, click on Forgot Password to create a new one. This will send a code to your email and phone number to reset password. Password must be more then 8 characters, have a capital letter and a symbol.

Accessing Tickets


Choose the game you want to view by tapping it. Each game will show the opponent, date, time and the number of tickets you have.


Tap View Barcode to access the Barcode.

Please do not take a screenshot as it will not be scannable.


Once you tap View Barcode, the Barcode will appear.

Please do not take a screenshot as it will not be scannable.


You can tap Add to Apple Wallet or Google Pay | Save to Phone

After adding your tickets to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay, you can access without an internet connection.

You will be able to add one or all tickets to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

Transferring/Forwarding Tickets


Tap on the game you would like to transfer.

Tap Forward (Android) or Transfer (iOS) at the bottom of the screen. ​


Choose the seats you would like to transfer, then tap Transfer To/Forward To​.


You have the option to send tickets to an existing contact or you can manually enter in their information.


If you choose to send to one of your existing contact, your contacts list will appear. Select your contact and tap on their email, and the fields will be automatically filled in with their information.

Otherwise, fill in the fields with the recipient's information and tap Transfer Ticket(s) or Forward Ticket(s).


Once tickets are sent, the process is complete. The status of the ticket transfer will appear on the ticket. Until the tickets have been accepted, you may stop the transfer by tapping Cancel Transfer or Cancel Forward.​​


Once the recipient has accepted the tickets, the status will change to Claimed. You will no longer have ownership of the tickets. The barcode will no longer appear and you will not be able to transfer, exchange or donate the ticket.

Receiving a Ticket Transfer


When someone transfers tickets to you, you'll get an email from “Toronto Argonauts.” Open the email and tap the Accept Tickets link in the email.


Sign into your Toronto Argos Account Manager or create an account if you don't have one.

IMPORTANT: The address the email was sent to must match the address on your account to claim your tickets.


Once logged in, you will see the details of the game and that your tickets have been accepted.


You can now view the tickets from the mobile app and scan them at the gate for entry.

Note: Tap Add to Apple Wallet or Add to Google Pay. This allows you to access your tickets without an internet connection.

Cancel a Ticket Transfer


Tap on the game you would like to cancel the ticket transfer for. Tap on Cancel Transfer (iOS) or Cancel Forward (Android).

Note: Once you transfer a ticket and it has been claimed by the recipient, you will not be able to cancel the transfer.


Confirm that you would like to reclaim the ticket.


Once you reclaim your tickets, you can now view the tickets from the mobile app and scan them at the gate for entry.


What are my options for entry into BMO Field for the 2021 Season?

Mobile tickets displayed on a mobile device using the Toronto Argos mobile app or Ticketmaster’s mobile app, mobile version of the Toronto Argos or Ticketmaster website, or within a phone’s Apple or Google Pay wallet.
Note: “Print at home” PDF tickets, 8 ½ x 11 paper tickets or screenshots do not constitute as valid tickets and will be denied entry into BMO Field.

How do I get the Toronto Argos mobile app?

You can download the team app for free at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

What if I can’t download the team app? Can I still access my mobile tickets?

You can always access your mobile tickets through your smartphone’s web browser by logging in to your Toronto Argos Account Manager or Ticketmaster account.

How far in advance can I access my tickets?

You can access your tickets as soon as the Team turns on the Account Manager for the season through the desktop or the mobile app. Note: If you are a Season Ticket Member, you can only manage the matches that have been paid.

What if I lose connectivity or can’t connect to my account?

The Team advises that you download your mobile ticket before heading to the match. This can be done by adding them to your Apple or Google Pay wallet in your smartphone through the Toronto Argos mobile app or Ticketmaster’s mobile app, mobile version of the Toronto Argos or Ticketmaster website

What if I manage a group of tickets with share partners? Can they access my mobile tickets?

Best way to manage this process is to transfer tickets through Toronto Argos Account Manager or the Toronto Argos Mobile App. If a member of your group doesn’t have an account, they can simply create one when accepting the tickets.

Can I use a screenshot of my Ticket?

No. Screenshots of tickets aren’t scannable and aren’t a valid method for entry. If you are the recipient of a screenshot, contact the source of the ticket and request for the ticket to be transferred to you.

What is the alternative option if my phone breaks, dies or gets lost/stolen the day before or day of the match?

Please visit the Ticket Office outside of Gate 1 at BMO Field or phone our service line (416.341.2746).
If your phone battery dies, chargers are available at the BMO Field Ticket Office.

Can I have multiple tickets on the same phone?

Yes. Once you select a match in your account, you can swipe left and right to view all your tickets for that match.

I was given a PDF (print at home) ticket or screenshot to print out as my ticket. Can I use it for entry into BMO Field?

No. You can no longer use PDFs (“print at home”) tickets or a printed-out screenshot to enter BMO Field. Contact the source of the ticket and request the ticket to be transferred to you.

I want to purchase a hard copy ticket, either for myself or for a friend. Can I still do this?

The most convenient way to buy or transfer tickets is through your Toronto Argos Account Manager or Ticketmaster account. All requests for exceptions for hard copy tickets are at the discretion of MLSE.


I accidentally sent my tickets to the wrong email address or don’t want to transfer them anymore! Can I recall them?

If the recipient has not accepted the tickets yet, you can cancel the transfer in your account. In the Toronto Argos app, go to the ticket you want to recall and select “Cancel.”

I successfully transferred a ticket in Account Manager. Why can I still see it in my Apple Wallet/Google Pay?

When you transfer tickets in Account Manager, it doesn’t sync with your phone’s wallet. We suggest deleting the ticket from your wallet once it’s been transferred successfully.
Note: Once a ticket has been transferred, a new barcode is generated, and all previous copies of that ticket are no longer valid for entry.


Can I receive a ticket transfer if I don’t have an account?

No. If you don’t have a Toronto Argos Account Manager and your Ticketmaster.ca account, you’ll be prompted to create one. Once you’ve accepted the tickets, we recommend downloading the official Toronto Argos mobile app to access your tickets and improve your in-game experience.


Why does Account Manager ask me to link my Ticketmaster account? Are they not the same?

No. You have separate accounts for anything bought through MLSE (either through a MLSE representative or Account Manager) and anything purchased through Ticketmaster.com. Linking your accounts on the Argos mobile app allows you to see tickets associated with your Toronto Argos Account Manager and your Ticketmaster.ca account.