March 15, 2020

Team Toronto Fund Created

TORONTO – As COVID-19 has brought unforeseen challenges to the Toronto sports landscape and entire GTA community, Team Presidents Bill Manning of TFC and the Argonauts, Brendan Shanahan of the Maple Leafs, Masai Ujiri of the Raptors and Mark Shapiro of the Blue Jays have teamed up and are personally contributing and leading the charge for their teams to create a special assistance fund to further assist arena/stadium and support staff for their respective organizations should they be in need of extra financial assistance during this very difficult time.

The Team Toronto Fund will see team management, coaches and players from all five teams contribute to the fund to provide additional aid to the many workers that support them each and every day and night.

“Toronto FC and the Toronto Argonauts are committed to assisting the people who help make our games at BMO Field possible. Our team motto for TFC is “All For One” and for the Argos it’s “Pull Together.” These slogans say it all, and we are proud to do our part along with the Jays, Leafs and Raptors to help as we get through this challenging time.”