October 11, 2018

Ten Things – Ryan Bomben

Who was your favourite sports team when you were a kid growing up in Burlington?

“I was a Leafs fan back then, despite my dad who was a Habs fan. My favourite player was probably Mats Sundin. I’m not even a hockey fan anymore (laughs), but back then it was probably him.

What was your best on-field memory as a Guelph Gryphon?

“We played in the Yates Cup one year. We ended up losing, but that was kind of a cool experience, there were a lot of fans there that day.” 

If you were limited to one food and one food only for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Probably chicken wings. I like the sweet Chili Thai wings, those are pretty good. Wings are easy, deep fried, can’t beat it.”

You and your wife just had a second child. What’s the absolute best part of being a dad?

“It makes the losses a lot easier when you go home and see your kids.” 

You and Chris Van Zeyl carpool every day from Burlington. How much do you talk football on the drive?

“We talk a fair bit. It’s two hours every day so it’s not all football, but we definitely talk. After a game especially we have some lengthy conversations about it. I don’t talk to my family much about what’s going on out on the field, so it is nice to have someone that fully understands what I’m going through and how it’s going out on the field. Playing side-by-side makes it even easier for us.”

What’s the last tv series you binge watched?

“The Office. I’m through it ten times over. It’s just funny. It’s mindless stuff that you don’t have to watch every second. It’s just always funny to me.” 

You have several CFL catches as a tight end. What is your most memorable one?

“Probably my first touchdown. It was from A.C. (Argos Offensive Coordinator Anthony Calvillo) back in Montreal. It was against Edmonton, it ended up being the game-deciding touchdown, it was a close game.”

 Which deffensive lineman, currently playing or now retired, gives you the biggest headache?

“Honestly, there’s a lot of guys that are good in this league. It’s gotten substantially better over the years, the talent I feel has gotten better, especially on the defensive line. There’s not any specific player, but there’s a lot of good players in this league that you can’t go to sleep on.”

Which elements of your sociology degree do you implement on a daily basis?

“All of them, it’s really important (laughs). Nothing at all. Nothing at all. Not a single thing from my sociology degree. 

Football aside, what was the best part about living in Montreal?

“It’s a big city, there was always stuff going on there. I didn’t really live the downtown life when I was there, so for me it wasn’t anything crazy or special. Growing up close to Toronto, I’d been to big cities before. It was a cool experience living away from home for the first time. I had a lot of good friends there so it was the football that made it special more than anything.”