July 25, 2018

Ten Things – Jermaine Gabriel

Jermaine Gabriel (5) of the Toronto Argonauts before the game against the Ottawa RedBlacks at TD Place Stadium in Ottawa, On., Saturday, July 8, 2017. (Photo: Johany Jutras)

Were you a big Argo fan growing up?

“Yes I was. I used to up in the 300 section and watch Mike O’Shea, Willie Pile, Jordan Younger and those guys play. My favourite player at that time was Arland Bruce III. He was very charismatic and I liked the way he played on the field, I enjoyed it.”

Is that why you wear number five?

“I actually wear five because Reggie Bush was my favourite college player, and still is, of all-time.”

What’s the coolest thing about playing for your hometown team?

”I can go home for dinner. I can go home, I’ve got my family nearby. Anything I really need, I know where it is. A lot of (out of town) guys have trouble with stuff like that, except for me, I’m at home. One of the only problems is tickets. Every week we’re at home a whole bunch of people want tickets, but they never tell you until the day of.”

You know the GTA well. Where is your favourite spot in the area to live?

“I’m actually out in Mississauga right now. I enjoy it, I like being outside of the downtown. It’s quiet, peaceful and I enjoy leaving the ruckus of downtown to go home.”

What is the last TV show you binge watched?

“Power. It’s crazy. It’s just exciting. There’s violence, controversy, drama. It’s just something that my eyes are just glued to. Everyone who watches it, they know.”

Favourite movie of all time?

“That’s a hard one, but I tend to like Denzel Washington movies. I’d say he’s my favourite actor. There’s something about him that’s so powerful, so strong, I just find myself drawn toward him.”

If you could have a superhero’s power for one year, which power would you want?

“Invisibility. I could go anywhere I want, no one could see me, I could take anything I want and nobody would know it’s me (laughs). People would see the stuff is missing, but they wouldn’t know who to blame it on.” (laughs)

If you could have dinner with three celebrities, living or dead, who is joining you at your table?

“Michael Jackson, Lebron James and probably Kobe. Michael Jackson was charismatic. He sold out shows, so there had to be something really, really special about him that wherever he went, people screamed, so I’d like to pick his brain and see what’s up with him.”

Who won the DeMar DeRozan trade?

“The Raptors did, because Kawhi Leonard is the best two-way player in the league when healthy and they also got Danny Green, who is another three-and-D guy. So you lose DeRozan, who doesn’t really focus on the defensive end so you gain more defenders and you can stop other teams like Boston and Philly now.”

The guys were ganging up on you in the locker room the day of the trade saying the Raps got burned in the deal. Who was giving you the most grief?

“I’d say (Alden) Darby. Just because he wanted to give me grief, he doesn’t know too much about basketball.”

You finally scored a touchdown last week. What did you do with the ball?

“I threw it in the stands and gave it to a fan. I figure if you give the ball to the fans, they’ll try to come back.”