February 25, 2016

21 Questions with Andre Durie

Andre Durie, alias “Slick”, has been a veteran presence on the Argonauts receiving corps for years. Usually considered the quiet leader in the locker room, we got him to spill some deep dark secrets!

Ok…not so much secrets, but we did get the goods. Spoiler alert: he HATES olives, and he was apparently quite the trouble-maker in school.

Read on for to find out all the things you never thought you needed to know about Andre Durie!


Most Memorable Moment of the Past Year: “When my daughter was born on April 17th. It changed everything.”

Harlow Lynn Durie @ 5:06am What Life is All About!!!! Our #DiamondBaby is finally here!!!! #SoThankful

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So, You’re Pretty Much THE Veteran Guy Now: “I’m really looking forward to continuing on in that role. I’m the old soul now. I’m looking forward to teaching all these new young bucks.”

Secret Skill: “I’m a really good cook. I salsa danced for a little bit. I used to break dance. I think that’s good for now.”

So, can we get you to breakdance in the locker room? “I don’t know if my knees can handle it anymore. I’m also half bionic!”

Skill You’d Really Like to Learn: “I really like doing hair, fades and stuff like that. I’d like to learn how to cut and style hair really well. Barbershop stuff.”

We Hear You’re Secretly Really Funny: “I’m more of a sarcastic kind of guy, but I can definitely make people laugh.”

One Thing You’re Not Good At: “I’m not great at multitasking. I can’t do too many things at once very well.”

Favourite Childhood Movie: “I was a HUGE Lion King guy! Simba, Mufasa. That movie is still up there.”

Childhood Idol: “Emmit Smith. He was always someone that I wanted to emulate my game after. Growing up I always watched Emmit Smith and Pinball Clemons. They were two of my big idols growing up.  It was awesome coming to the Argos and getting to work with Pinball. It was blessing. My first year back from my knee injury, he was my coach. It was really cool to have your idol now be your coach and give you pointers. I got to see the game through him. We’re still really close.”

Pinball with bust

Celebrity Crush: “Growing up it was Cindy Crawford and Alyssa Milano.” *Ricky Foley said Cindy Crawford too…* “It’s got to be the 30+ group!”

Are You, or Are You Not, the Best Dressed?: “I’ll go so far as to say that. Yeah. I’ve been known to take chances with my style. It always pays off.”

Who’s the Loudest in the Locker Room?: “Definitely Ricky Foley for sure. Loudest everywhere haha! He’s very motivational, but he also likes to just talk a lot.”

First Album: “This is going to date me…Arrested Development. It was a cassette tape. They were a soulful hip hop group back then. That was the first tape that I bought with my own money.”

Arrested development cover

Worst Date: “Oh wow! It’s been so long, I can’t even remember…I’m sure it’s not safe for work though.”

Food You Can’t Stand: “Olives!” Black and green. They’re worst; I just can’t stand them. Anything olive-like or olive-related is just disgusting.”

Favourite Reality TV Show: “Chopped Canada. I like to watch cooking shows. Actually, its hosted by an ex-Argo, Brad Smith, so that’s pretty cool!”

What Do You Do When You’re Not Playing Football?: “Train. No days off. Sounds boring but it’s really not. Haha!”

Biggest Fear: “Not being able to stay athletic. I want to be the 65-year-old who can still run a 40…it might take me two minutes though…”

Best Football Memory: ” I always have to go back to 2007, after I came back from my knee injury. Pinball was my coach and I was on the practice roster and he moved me up to the active roster. He told me that he was going to give me an opportunity to play. That game, we were whipping Calgary’s butt and he looked at me and said, ‘you’re in, Dre. When you get that ball don’t stop running.’ First carry I took it 36 yards to the house. It summed up all the hard work I put in and the support I got from everyone who helped me come back from that injury.”

Trouble Maker or Teacher’s Pet in School?: “Trouble maker. Always got detention.”

The Best Thing About Playing in Toronto Is: “The people. All different walks of life, different nationalities. Even the restaurants. You can walk around and find anything in the world if you really wanted to. It’s so multicultural. The people are really nice and it’s such a big and amazing atmosphere.”


Thoughts on playing at BMO?: “Can’t wait. Just those two words. Can’t wait to get out there and feel that intimate atmosphere from the crowd. It’s been long overdue and it’s a chance to get back to the roots of the Argonauts as a kid going down to Lakeshore and being able to watch a game.”