February 17, 2016

Askin’ 21 Questions…with Ricky Foley

Sure you know Ricky Foley the football player, maybe even Ricky Foley the self-proclaimed amazing dancer, but you might not know the Ricky Foley who loves pierogies and thinks Las Vegas is overrated.

So we asked him 21 Questions a la 50 Cent and here’s what we got…

Favourite Food: Pierogies. Classic. Homemade momma Foley pierogies.

Biggest Fear: Failure.

Biggest Motivator: Fear of failure.

Celebrity You Look Like: When I had a shaved head I got Vin Diesel and The Rock a lot. Now that I have hair again, I don’t really get any comments.

Ricky Foley clapping hands (Johany)The Rock


First Album: Naughty By Nature III. Hip Hop Hooray. Classic.

Most Embarrassing Moment: It was at the Much Music Video Awards and I was doing interviews with one of the Jonas Brothers…there were two guys there and I thought they were both Jonas Brothers, but the other guy definitely was not.It was Shawn Mendes. I played it off really well though.

Celebrity Crush: Growing up it was Cindy Crawford and Halle Berry, but I don’t really have one now.

Finish this sentence: ___ is overrated: Las Vegas. I’ve never been one for the Las Vegas trips.

Biggest Rival: Obviously the Ticats!

Batman or Superman? Batman, hands down!

Marvel or DC: DC all the way.

If I Could Have One Super Power it Would Be: To go back in time! I know it’s the cool thing to say I’d never change anything…but I’d change a few things, feel a few things twice.
*obligatory Drake reference*

I’m a Terrible___: Drawer. So bad. I can’t draw at all.

I’m the Best ___: At making people smile. 🙂

Favourite Movie: Three-way tie between The Program, 25th Hour, and Mo Better Blues. If you haven’t seen Mo Better Blues, you need to. One of Spike Lee’s best movies. It’s so good, old school, very different.

Favourite Guilty Pleasure TV Show: South Park.

Favourite Football Moment: 100th Grey Cup. No question. There’s nothing close to that personally. Winning in Toronto was special.

Do You Think You’re a Good Dancer? Oh…I KNOW I’m a good dancer. Ask about me.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Quitters. When people give up on something before they’ve given their best.

Fashion Trend That Needs to Go: Full tights at the gym.

Thoughts on Playing at BMO This Season: Driving by there this morning and seeing the progress that’s been made, I got really excited. I can’t wait. It’s going to be different, the atmosphere will be a lot better. I’m really looking forward to getting out there and having a fresh start for this team and this city!