November 6, 2010



The Toronto Argonauts’ nicknames range from the Boatmen, Argos, Scullers, to my personal favourite, Double Blue. The term Double Blue comes from our colour scheme of Cambridge Blue and Oxford Blue. Cambridge and Oxford are the two universities in England, from which we derived our origin in football from the Argonaut Rowing Club.
For this week’s playlist song, I’ve chosen Cindy Lauper’s “True Colors”. Written and released in 1986, this song reached #1 on the Billboard charts.
The lyrics I want to focus on are “I see your true colours, shining through, I see your true colours, and that’s why I love you. So don’t be afraid, to let them show, your true colours, true colours.”
A lot of times when someone’s personality or character is revealed through a scenario, you say they’re showing their true colours.
The scenario that faces the Toronto Argonauts is playing a game that doesn’t matter in the standings, but it still matters how we play it.
As a team still building continuity, confidence and consistency, we’re playing to win and to utilize this game to sharpen each phase of our team. In doing so, at a high level indicative of a playoff team, we’ll indeed show our True Colours…our internal competitiveness and desire to be great.
Against Montreal this Sunday, the task for us is to not be afraid to let our True Colours show and compete with the intensity and explosiveness required to play this game; in a game that ultimately does matter to us in Double Blue.