Community & Education Programs


The vision of the Argos’ Community Department is to improve the lives of youth in the Greater Toronto Area by making schools, communities and after school clubs safer and accepting, while improving their emotional, mental and physical well-being.


Its mission is to provide support to GTA youth, through programming or funding, so they can become leaders in our communities through the development of confidence, teambuilding and decision making skills.

The Community Department places strong emphasis on:

1) Mentorship – through our programs such as Level the Playing Field, presented by Tim Hortons, where our players, cheerleaders and staff provide insight and guidance to assist high school football players through difficult situations that impede their success.

2) Collaboration – with organizations and communities that assist us to make a greater impact on youth.

3) Commitment – acquiring dedication from members of our organization as well as committing resources to further build opportunities for youth.

Huddle Up

In partnership with Tim Hortons and the Canadian Safe School Network, the Huddle Up Bullying Prevention program is an all encompassing opportunity for elementary and high school students to focus on the impact they can have on bullying, while making their school a safer place to learn and grow.

For more information and to book the Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program for your school, click here.

In partnership with White Ribbon Campaign, Status of Women Canada and Tim Hortons, Huddle Up & Make the Call utilizes the power of student led initiatives and athlete testimonials to address gender-based violence.

For more information on Huddle Up & Make the Call click here.

Level The Playing Field

The Toronto Argonauts support the growth of football in Toronto District Catholic and public schools with the Level the Playing Field program. It is a multi-faceted mentorship and funding program that brings establishment and revitalization grants to high schools in Toronto.

For more information on Level the Playing Field, click here.