The Toronto Argonauts Football Club has long been embedded in the community of the Greater Toronto Area. Through our outreach with our many award winning programs, we have affected many lives and continue to play a role in the positive development of our youth. Each year, through our initiatives we are involved in over 300 appearances.

Mission: To enhance the lives of youth by improving their mental and physical well being through programming and funding through:

  • Mentorship provided by our organization to help guide youth through similar challenges
  • Commitment from our organization and its members to provide opportunities for under-serviced youth
  • Empowering youth to become leaders in achieving our mission through their own initiatives
  • Collaborating with similar organizations sharing our focus

Our Areas of focus is:

  • Bullying Abuse surrounding Youth
  • Awareness of Mental Wellness for Youth
  • Youth’s Physical Wellness
  • Awareness for Youth regarding the issue of Violence Against Women
  • Growth and Development of Minor Football in the Greater Toronto Area with a strong focus on safety

For a detailed listing of our programs and contact info, please visit